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Oze is a national park . Its most well known features are the Ozegahara Marshland and the Ozenuma Pond. Oze is extremely popular during the blooming of skunk cabbages in the late spring and early summer and during the fall colors of early autumn, whereas in the winter it is covered in deep snow and is rarely visited.

Oze National Park , Guide Map



Senjogahara Marshland covers the plateau between Lake Chuzenji and Yumoto Onsen. It offers some of the best hiking in the Nikko National Park and is particularly beautiful during the autumn leaf season in October when the marshland's grasses turn into a reddish yellow and the larch trees into a shiny gold.



Marunuma kougen

Nikko-Shiranesan aerial tramway takes visitors high up in altitude from 1400 meters above sea level up to 2000 meters.The ride offers pleasure through the year - for viewing the beauty of early spring, mountain climbing, appreciation of the autumn foliage and and winter skiing. Free footbath is available.

Marunuma koygen


Nikko Toshogu

Nikko Toshogu is a Shinto shrine located in Nikko. The buildings belong to two Shinto shrines and one Buddhist temple . Nine of the structures are designated National Treasures of Japan while the remaining 94 are Important Cultural Properties. UNESCO listed the site as World Heritage in 1999.



Mt. Nikko Shirane

Nikko Shirane is the main peak of the volcanoes located northeast of Katashina village, the border of Tochigi and Gunma. It is 2,578 m above sea level, the highest in the north of Kanto.

Mt. Shirane

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