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【Via Kanetu supehighway】

●Numata IC〜(R120)〜28.5km〜Kamata(Numata exit is 28.5km to Kamata which is in Route 120.)
Once you reach Numata exit, take the normal road. Then follow Route 120. Later, you will be in Kamata, a part of Katasina-mura. Go straight to Nikko when you see a T intersection with traffic lights. Mountains will surround you after 10 minutes, you can not see any house but do not worry.
●Kamata〜13km〜Marunuma kougen second pension village.(Kamata to Marunuma Kougen, where the second pension village lies, is only 13km away.)
Turn left at the green signboard. It tells you that you have reached the entrance of the second pension village. Next, go straight on the road on picture 5. When the Y intersection (picture 6) is in front of you, follow the road on the right. Finally you can find Waltz on your left.
[1] [2] [3]
You will find the green sign board on your left and black signboard on your right.

This is the green signboard.

This is the black signboard.
[4] [5] [6] 


This is the entrance of the second pension village.


This is a straight road where you can see a signboard on your left.


This is the Y intersection. Take the road on your right.

【Via Tohoku superhighway】

Be careful, you can not visit here via Tohoku highway during end of December to beginning of April in closed mountain path by snow.
●Utunomiya Junction〜Nikko Utunomiya road〜Irohazaka〜Konsei road〜Konsei mountain path(closed in winter)〜Sugenuma lake〜Marunuma lake〜Marunuma klugenn entrace〜1st pension village〜2nd pension village
A couple minutes from Marunuma klugenn entrace. Pass through 1st pension village, you can find signboard on your right soon. Turn to right at this sign board. Yo can find T road on your front. Then turn to right, you can find Waltz on your left.
[1] [2] [3]
30m from Marunuma kougen
Marunuma kougen entrnce
Pass 1st pension village
[4] [5] 看板C
The road curved to left gently.
2nd pension village is right side.
Turn to right at this signboard

【By train and bus】

●Ueno〜(Jouetu line)〜Numata〜(Kanetu buss)〜Kamata(Transfer)〜Marunuma kougen 2nd pension village
Bus service is only 3 times a day. Please check the time table.
Kanetu bus TEL:0278-23-1111

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